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RD Winery is the culmination of a dream by a Vietnamese entrepreneur who had a vision to produce wines that would stand proudly among the world’s best.We are proud to be the first Vietnamese owned and operated winery in the Napa Valley and we are honored to be a member of the Napa Valley community.RD Winery is the result of a seamless blending of philosophies; one of gratitude, of perseverance and of respect for the sacred winemaking traditions. With the help of our talented winemaker, well versed in the art of winemaking, RD Winery wines have been awarded numerous medals and certificates in various international wine competitions.

The RD Winery facility is noticeably unique with flat seamed metal roofs and cherry blossom trees that dot the seven acre property.A brick façade lines the production building whose elegant exterior shelters a modern wine making production facility capable of producing RD Winery award winning wines.We invite you to walk among our gardens and to visit our winery so we can share the story of our passion for wine.

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Located in the scenic Napa Valley, RD Winery is among the top 6% largest wine producers in Napa Valley. The artistry of creating and developing high quality RD Winery wines begins with the golden formula of premium Napa Valley fruit, masterful blending techniques, meticulous attention to detail and the skillful balance of modern technology and traditional wine aging methodology. RD Winery Napa Valley wines have been awarded and honored in numerous well-known domestic and international wine competitions in the United States. Inspired by more than 25 gold medals and certificates including "Best in Show", we strive to produce bold, exceptionally well balanced and smooth Napa Valley wines for your enjoyment. 



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